Why Is A Good Magento Hosting The Best Recommendation For Magento Website? 

 July 27, 2022

It goes without saying that Magento is currently one of the most popular eCommerce platforms but at the same time, it’s quite complex and structured too. If you are planning to start your own Magento 2 store then the first thing you need to do is to look for the right Magento 2 hosting provider. For those who are new to this platform and the whole hosting concept, today we are going to explain it all in detail.


What Is Magento Hosting?

Magento hosting is more like a web hosting plan. There are several companies like Devrims that provide hosting service to those who are running their stores on Magento. Some hosts simply rebrand the existing plans as Magento hosting and then there are some that’ll offer all the necessary features like SSL.

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In simpler words, you need to have a strong web host that’ll ensure high level performance of your store and will make it faster, secure and more reliable.


Using Cloud Hosting For Your Store

Cloud hosting is the best option for those who want to offer a smooth and seamless store experience to their customers. From increasing your sales to making it safe for you and your customers, you get to enjoy all these benefits with the right cloud hosting service.


Here are some reasons why you should always look for a quality web hosting service for your Magento website;

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1-Safe And Stable Server Environment

For starters, you need a safe and secure server to rest your website on and this is where a web hosting plan becomes of utmost importance. You need a strong web host that can easily fight online threats, protect your store from any cyber-hacks and cyber-attacks. With a reliable web host, you won’t have to worry about keeping your site’s data and your client’s data safe.


2-Data Storage

One of the most important factors to consider is the amount of data stored on your website because once you determine it, you can then choose a web hosting plan accordingly. Before making a final deal with your hosting service, it’s important that you monitor how much traffic your website has to deal with on a daily basis. On the other hand, you also have to establish concurrent users. You see, when you put a limit on the storage, it can lead to a site shutdown when the traffic is high on your webpage. Depending on your data limit, a quality web host will offer you multiple options that’ll fulfil your hosting needs.

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One of the biggest issues websites often face is the loading speed. A slow website can turn customers away and increase the bounce rate of your online Magento store. Now when you are in the eCommerce business, your customers are literally everything for you which is why you can’t take risks or afford an increased bounce rate. This is where you need to use the right web hosting plan so that you don’t worry about any site crashes when there’s too much load on the shared server. You need a web host that can help you stop any lags and manage increased traffic.

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4-Cost Effectiveness

When planning to move your Magento store to the cloud, cost is one of the most important things to consider. Especially if you are new to this industry and just got started with your store, it’s obvious that you can’t afford those pricey web hosting plans. This is where cloud hosting comes in handy because it’s way cheaper than opting for a hardware with bandwidth.With a cloud based company, you’ll be able to save 80% of the costs linked with traditional and normal eCommerce rollouts.


5-Reliable And Recoverable

Majority of the organizations out there often overlook DR for their applications. Now when it comes to hardware hosting, there are very less chances that you’ll be able to recover your data. However, when it comes to a good Magento cloud host, you won’t have to worry about any such thing as you’ll always have a backup for your data and it’s more reliable too. In simpler words, with cloud hosting, you can recover your data whenever you want to. To backup your data, you’ll have to clone the virtual machine and this will also help increase the speed up to 10x.

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6-It Makes Things More Manageable

As a Magento store owner, you just need a web host that makes things more convenient for you. This is why you should always go for cloud hosting because with such a host, it just becomes easier to manage the server due to the web based console. Automated cloud hosting is more beneficial as here you’ll get things done more efficiently while keeping your control.


These are some important reasons that explain why you need a good Magento hosting for your Magento website. You’ll come across several Magento web hosts online but you should first do your research and due diligence and then make a final decision. Consider the experience of the service provider, compare the prices and most importantly consider the features offered by the host. If it all aligns with your needs and requirements and if it does help you increase your sales and improve your store’s experience then use that host right away. With the right Magento hosting, you’ll see wonders happening for your eCommerce store.

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