What Are Online Course Platforms? 

 July 5, 2022

We are all aware of online courses which have been introduced by the online system of education for online teaching and online learning. These courses are the most easily accessible source for learning and teaching in the online mode. An online course is one of the best methods for teaching and learning that makes the education system easily accessible for all and increases the flexibility and inclusivity of the system. An online course can be created and sold by professionals from various backgrounds and fields. The course creator is not necessarily a professional teacher or does not even belong to the field of education. This increases the variety of courses that are available online for the learners who are exploring different topics online. Similarly, anyone can learn using an online course. There are no limitations on who can access an online course and learn with the help of the same. There are also no criteria for which subject or topic you can choose to learn. The learner does not necessarily have to be a student and can be a professional from any background. You just need to be passionate about learning and exploring topics of your interest that you can easily find online. Online course creation and course selling are very popular these days. So many people out there who are passionate about teaching can try their hands on the same with the help of these courses and help students benefit from their knowledge and experiences. The field of education has become a place with a very large number of opportunities for everyone and with so many courses and methods being in use, people have the chance of realising the true potential of the internet space for growth and progress in this field.

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Online courses are available on a variety of platforms that can be accessed using various devices. You can access an online courses platform using your smartphone, your laptop, your tablet or your personal computer. This makes it possible for you to access an online course from anywhere and at any time. You can use any of your devices to access the online course platform and watch your course videos and read through the study material. You do not have to be in a location similar to that of the other people involved in your course. You can be anywhere and use your devices to use the online course tools for teaching or learning using these courses.

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There are many different platforms that can be used for online courses. What exactly is an online courses platform? An online course platform is an online space that is designed and developed, especially for online courses. These platforms can be used either for one or for multiple activities related to online courses. An online course platform can have multiple uses. There are online course platforms for online course creation and online course selling. The platforms where online courses are sold are also the platforms where the students can access these courses for learning. Online course platforms can also be used by the teacher and the learner to interact with each other. Let us take a look at some platforms available online that can be used for online courses.

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Online course creation and selling platforms

As we discussed, there are platforms developed only for online courses and these platforms help the course creator in almost all the aspects related to launching an online course. These platforms are available as apps and websites and can be accessed around the world.


Social media platforms

Many professionals choose social media as the online course platform for their online courses. Social media platforms are very popular and the course creator can easily reach a wider audience with the help of these platforms.



You can use a website that you run or a website that you have for any other purpose for selling your online course. You can use this website and make the online course visible to your existing audience as well.

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Portals launched by educational institutions 

During the pandemic when the online system of education was in effect, most educational institutions launched their online portals for teachers and students. Online courses launched by educational institutions can be accessed using these platforms. ms.

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