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Tips to Customize Your Mac’s Login Screen 

 November 6, 2022

So, have you personalized the Dock, menu bar, and other elements on your MacBook? Although that’s great, you may have missed out on changing the login screen to suit your specific needs.

You cannot make too many changes to Mac’s login screen, but you can play around with its settings to customize them. Let’s get started.

Change the Login Screen Options

To change the login screen options, go to System Preferences and then follow these steps:

  • Choose Users & Groups and click the padlock on the bottom left. Then, enter your password.
  • Select Login Options.

Then, you can choose the options you want to show on your login screen. You can select to display the login window near the top with a list of usernames or users and passwords. After that, you can check the boxes to show the restart, sleep, and shut down buttons, password hints, and input menu.

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You can even put the Show fast user switching menu so you can switch accounts easily.

Do you want accessibility options on the login screen? You can click that button to set it up.

Personalize the Way Your Screen Locks

It is recommended to lock your Mac whenever you step away from your system. Mac offers different lock options, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

For instance, you can set up a password to lock the screen. Go to System Preferences > click Security & Privacy > click the General tab option > Change Password, enter your old password, and then the new one. You can enter the password and confirm if it is the first time you have set this up.

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If you want, you can disable automatic login so that your system asks for a password whenever you are away from the computer. Go to System Preferences from the Apple menu > click Users & Groups > click Login Options > disable the Automatic Login option.

You can also use a Mac keyboard shortcut to lock screen, such as Control + Shift + Power (to send your display to sleep) or Control + Command + Q to lock your Mac.

Add a Message to the Login Screen

Adding a custom message to the login screen is another way to customize the login screen. You can do this by going to the System Preferences app > choosing Security & Privacy > clicking the padlock on the bottom, and entering your password. Then, head to the General tab and check the box for Show a Message When the Screen is Locked > click the Set Lock Message and enter your text > click OK.

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After that, close the System Preferences and check out your new login screen.

Change the User Picture

Changing the user picture is another way of customizing the login screen. This can be done in the System Preferences app. If you’re changing your user picture, it can be done without unlocking and entering your password. But if you wish to change the photo of another user on your Mac, you need to click the padlock and enter the password.

It would be best if you hovered over the user’s picture and saw the Edit option. Then, click the option to edit the display picture.

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The picture can be selected from system images, one from your Photos, or use Photo Booth or the Camera to capture a picture.

After you have chosen a picture, click Save.

Enable Accessibility Options

On the login screen, accessibility options like Sticky Keys and VoiceOver are available. Select the Accessibility Options button and check all the relevant boxes for the items you wish to display.

When these accessibility features are turned on, your settings will automatically apply to every user on the login screen. Likewise, disabling a feature will disable it for all the users on the screen.

Log in Using Your Apple Watch

Although this is not technically a login screen customization option, this is another way to log into your Mac besides the automatic name or login and password options. If you have an Apple Watch, you can log into your Mac with it.

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You can enable this feature by opening the Apple menu and clicking System Preferences. Then, select Security & Privacy. After that, walk through the following steps:

  • Go to the General tab and check the box for Use Your Apple Watch to Unlock Apps and Your Mac
  • Enter your password when prompted

Once this feature is enabled, you can log in to your Mac while wearing your Apple Watch. You will even see a brief message on your screen that says Unlocking with Apple Watch.

The Bottom Line

These are some ways to personalize your Mac’s login screen. By experimenting with these options, you can find out what looks best for your login screen, which can change how your system looks and feels. You must also go ahead and explore other customization options.

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