The Best Tips for Exam Preparation 

 July 23, 2022



Distance learning became the prominent method of learning during the pandemic and it changed many aspects of education. However, one thing that did not change was the need for students to prepare for and take exams. Exams are, after all, a standard part of learning across the world and are necessary aspects of demonstrating knowledge and comprehension in any subject. The ways that students prepare for exams vary, depending on the student and exam. There are some universal tips and educational apps that students everywhere rely on though that can help anyone who is about to take an exam.

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Make a Study Space


Studying is, of course, the best way to prepare for any exam, but the way you study can also affect how well you retain and recall information. Depending on your preferences you may want to find a quiet, clean, and organized space to concentrate and focus on your work. Conversely, maybe you prefer the calm, hustle and bustle of a library where you can find quiet but also not feel isolated.


Wherever you go, make sure that you feel comfortable, regardless of what that means for you. You can try to make a specific space more cozy or you can get rid of unnecessary distractions and just do the work. It all depends on what makes you focus and stay on top of your game that what you do exactly.

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Practice, Practice, Practice


Depending on the exam, it may be beneficial to do a practice run on an old exam just to time yourself and make sure that you are able to finish it. The exam will not be the same, of course, but it can still give you a good idea of the areas you need to work on and what specific topics or subjects you should focus on in your studying.


You can use a PDF editor to help you open and view old exams, and add new questions to the exam to better reflect the topic you are studying. You can find old practice exams online and use a PDF editing tool to change it so that you can fill out the questions or even free-draw your notes or annotations directly onto the document.



 Use Flow Charts and Diagrams


Visual aids are always a good choice when working with data or statistic-heavy topics like business, science or technology. These aids can help clarify important data points and show a clear, discernible pattern or progression that is key to understanding a theory or practice or other emerging trends.


A tool like Lumin PDF can help anyone add something like a graph, table or chart to a PDF file so it can be more easily understood and shared with others. Lumin is a PDF editor for students Users can open the PDF file in the Lumin browser and then select the Image icon to add an image or graph to the file from a saved location or another PDF file.

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Take Scheduled Breaks


It is important to dedicate the time and effort to studying, but so is taking time for yourself, especially if you have been working hard. Resting or taking breaks while you are studying lets you relax and relieve some of the pressure that comes from having to take an exam. You can continue studying whenever you want but taking regular breaks is one way to make your studying even more effective.


Organize Study Groups with Friends


Some people work better alone. Others work better in groups. Depending on your preference, you may choose to be a solitary learner or you could also organize a study group with classmates to brainstorm ideas, motivate each other and give each other a sense of discipline. Organizing a study group could also help everyone involved get a better understanding of the topics of study, which is something they would not have discovered if they studied alone.

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