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Reasons why giving a mug is the best gift idea 

 October 17, 2022

When coming up with ideas to buy gifts for people, you might always end up being stressed over what would be the ‘perfect gift’.

Flowers serve the purpose well when it comes to expressing love to your loved ones, but they tend to wither away quickly too. Everything else might be too expensive and you might not want to go for something cheaper either.

However, there’s this one gift that suits almost all occasions, regardless of your relationship. Whether it’s for a lover, friend, family member and even for someone with a formal relationship like a teacher or colleague.

There’s nothing better than giving a mug as a gift. More so, if it’s personalized with something meaningful.

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Here’s a few reasons why you should consider giving a cup as a gift

7 reasons why you should give a mug as a gift

1. It’s suitable for every occasion

Whether you’re planning to give someone a birthday gift or congratulating someone over something or even giving them a thankyou gift, a mug can never be inappropriate. It’s a daily use item that almost everyone uses, it’ll always come in handy.

2. It’s very practical

There are many gifts that you can give in terms of decor. Decor gifts are undoubtedly a good gift idea too, but they are not something that can come into handy usage. A cup, even ordinary, is something that’s very useful for day to day activities.

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3.Perfect gift for coffee or tea lovers

We all have a friend or two who is an absolute coffee lover or maybe tea lover. Personalized coffee mugs are one of the best gifts you can give to such people. You can probably think of some creative ideas for your cup and even get matching cups. If you’re considering buying in bulk for family or even a huge group of friends there are even wholesale personalized coffee mugs.


4.For collectors

Believe it or not, there are actually people out there who love collecting mugs of all sorts. If you have a friend like that around, you know what to give them.

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5.Perfect gift for all relationships

Whether you’re gifting your parents or your partner. A mug can never be an unsuitable gift to give. If you’re struggling with what to give your colleagues or people that you have a formal relationship with, a mug is still very appropriate.

6.Excellent value

If you’re struggling with something affordable and yet don’t want to look too cheap either. A mug is neither too expensive nor too cheap of a gift. It’s neither too extravagant nor too undervalued. It’s a gift with excellent value.

7.Best gift for your partner

There is actual research out there that proves that wrapping your hands around a warm mug of tea or coffee given by your loved ones can conjure up feelings of warmth and affection. Imagine giving them a mug as a gift so that every time they have something warm for themselves, they’ll remember you.

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If you’re struggling to decide on what to gift someone on any occasion, no matter what your relationship is with them; a mug is the best option for you. Getting a personalized mug can add a personal touch and sentiment towards the person who’s receiving your gift. There’s no occasion where a cup would be a bad gift to give.


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