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How to use Proforma invoice template competently 

 July 16, 2022

Quite a long time ago such a term as “proforma invoice” or “preliminary invoice” appeared in commercial practice. This expression is used throughout the world, so it can safely be called generally accepted.

Sometimes it is difficult for entrepreneurs to prepare such a preliminary invoice. Despite the fact that it is put out before the commercial and is not a direct settlement document, errors can still lead to unpleasant consequences, among which are the deterioration of relations with potential customers and business partners, and reputational losses. To avoid mistakes, you can use a ready-made Proforma invoice template.

Where is it possible to find Proforma invoice template

As a rule, such a document as a preliminary invoice contains information of the following nature:

  • Information about the product itself;
  • details of the value of the goods.
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A characteristic feature of this type of document is the fact that the proforma invoice is not a direct obligation to pay. It can be submitted in advance, even a long time before the conclusion of the transaction itself. However, it is informative enough for the client to receive all necessary information.

Taking into account the fact that the proforma invoice does not belong to the category of settlement documents, there are no strict requirements for it. As a rule, in most countries, as well as in the international legal spectrum, a free form is allowed. Many people prepare such an invoice in accordance with the requirements for documents of a commercial nature. Of course, it is possible to use the standard sample developed originally for the commercial invoice, which has already been created and approved. In the future, it can be adjusted after the final agreement of all the details with the other party.

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In the same way, it is possible to use templates that are created specifically for issuing proforma invoices. You can find ready-made versions freely available on the Internet and on the sites of specialized services, and anyone can familiarize himself with them. The use of such templates will help to avoid possible mistakes in the preparation of the document and save time which is usually spent on its preparation.

PandaDoc: how this service is useful for business

These days, almost all documents, including the proforma invoice, are prepared in electronic form. This is very convenient, because in this way, you can easily communicate even with those partners who are situated in other cities and countries.

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In order to ensure that the electronic document flow is automated and does not cause any problems, it is worth using special software. For example, the PandaDoc service is quite popular. It has previously prepared and developed templates of all kinds of documents, including the proforma invoice. It also provides the opportunity for quick and easy synchronization with third-party services and cloud storage. Users have almost unlimited possibilities, which allow them to make their work with documents as easy and quick as possible. Thanks to the possibility of using an electronic signature, it is not difficult to confirm your identity. All of these nuances facilitate the user to conduct the document flow and have a positive impact on business.

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It is possible to fully evaluate all the features of the program without spending money in the free version of the service. Anyone can get access to it, all you have to do is to download the application and log in. The free version is available for two weeks. This is enough time to test all the features.

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